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Montana Parent Partners  

What is a Parent Partner? 

A Parent Partner is a parent of a child with special healthcare needs who is personally experienced and professionally trained to help you navigate your child’s medical and non-medical care. Parent Partners journey with the family toward hope and best possible outcomes to help ensure all children have opportunities to reach their full potential.


We care.

We are dedicated to supporting families who have children with special healthcare needs and families with children that require care beyond what a typical child would require.  We have walked this path before, and now we're offering a relationship for your journey, quick access to local and state resources, and endless knowledge that will help reduce isolation, relieve stress, and encourage the best life possible.


How do Parent Partners journey with you?

  • Pointing families to hope and new dreams for their children.

  • Team building to help support the dream and the struggles along the way.

  • Support the emotional journey of the parents/caregivers, siblings.

  • Teach and encourage healthy appropriate advocacy.

  • Communication and relationship skill building and problem solving.

  • School and Special Education Processes.

  • Transition planning of all varieties.

  • Community resources and personal knowledge of program contacts, and processes.

  • Identifying barriers and potential solutions.

  • Look for your local Parent Partner here.


Providers, we're here for you also.

  • A Parent Partner is a trusted, experienced person you can feel confident referring your families to for support with the non-medical aspects of high-quality comprehensive care, centered on the needs of the patient and family.

  • A Parent Partner is familiar with available community services and resources.

  • Parent Partners offer comprehensive  support for the caregiver, child and family.

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