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Parents Say...

“We rely heavily on the Parent Partner Program. They have helped us with so many things like the in-home medical equipment our son needs for his heart. Educational resources for us that have helped us keep our son at home with his family and of course the never-ending records that facilitate his coordination of care. They've been there to help with the overwhelming details of almost all of our son's heart surgeries and then again when we were faced with the brain damage that can happen to children born with these kinds of medical problems. We are eternally grateful for this program; it's helped us keep our son alive and well.”


“This program is necessary for anyone going through any medical difficulties with their children. I was so lost and alone and now I feel I have knowledgeable,

tough people beside me to ensure my child has the best life possible.”


For more information or if you are interested in joining our dedicated team of ParentPartners, contact us at:

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